Sentimental Christmas gift ideas that everyone will love

We all love gifts, and at Christmas time, it is even extra special. With family and friends coming around, there is usually anticipation of expectation. Everybody goes like ‘what am I getting this year’, for some, the question might be easy to answer, for some other people, it might not be so easy.

You might think of getting your niece another blockbuster action game for her PlayStation. What do you get your wife? What gift do you give your uncle? The list is growing long, this is where sentimental gifts come in.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, it just needs to be dear to you and they will appreciate every bit of it. Let’s run over a few sentimental gift ideas you should consider giving out this Christmas:

A Hand-made photo frame

A perfect sentimental gift for your girlfriend, spouse or siblings; all you have to do is pick up a couple of pictures you took together during the year and paste it onto a board. You could have it framed and write whatever you want at the top.

A wine bottle concealed in a pineapple wrapping

A bottle of wine is a normal gift right, but sometimes, the packaging is as important as the gift. If you know the person you are giving the wine to loves pineapple, you could wrap the wine in a pineapple-like covering. It’s pretty easy and it is lovable as well.

An Accordion photo box

An accordion photo box is a simple art that will make for a sentimental gift. The photo box can take up to 12 photos and will allow you to tape the photos directly to a cardboard strip. You can finish the packaging into a small size gift box that will make it even more sentimental.

Picture candles

Candles might not be as practical or indispensable as they used to be. Even at that, nobody can say no to a candlestick that has their picture or the picture if their loved one on it. You can learn how to make the candles from scratch and it will be worth every minute spent making it.

Sentimental gifts are not just in their market value, it is in their heart value.


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