Easy DIY Origami Home Decor Ideas

Paper arts can make excellent beauty materials that can be utilized in decorating your space. In comes Origami, the intricate paper art that has evolved hundreds of years in civilization. Origami is no child’s play; it is a serious art and, in the right hand, can be used to make just about anything.

The truth about Origami is that if your mind can conjure it, then it can be made out of paper. The process is intricate, and you must get it done with an artistic precision that is almost god-like. Origami can be infused into your interior décor, and it can do so much more than that.

Art is equally an inspiration to learn, and the art of Origami is a call to learn. Pick out that paper and begin to straighten it out, you are on the way to making your first origami piece:

Butterfly origami art 

The butterflies in your stomach are not just meant for the stomach. You can give them a practical expression by fixing them on your walls. Origami butterfly art is really simple. A video guide will put you through. Make the butterflies from different colors of paper, and you will have an entire colony swarming up your wall space.

The Vase origami art 

Looking for a place where you can place your flowers? Why don’t you make them yourself from the most abundant material in the house; paper? The vase origami art uses serrations created by paper creases, the fact that they are self-made means that you can decide the kind of splines you want. They turn out absolutely beautiful too.

The Origami Wreath 

Beyond making flower holders, origami art can help you make the flowers and produce a wreath out of it. You will have to make each flower individually and then tie it all up into a garland. The good thing is, you pick the color you want each flower to be. It is a massive project, so ensure you are not short on time or materials.

Origami lampshade 

How about you make a shade for your lamp entirely out if inexpensive paper? If you have got the skills, you could make a pretty impressive lampshade with the art of Origami. The more intricate the design, the better it is. You could make a couple of the lampshade and switch them at will.


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