Insanely Simple Storage Hacks You Have Never Thought of

Keeping everything organized is one hell of a task, yes, we get it! We feel your pain too. We all know how it feels when you come back from vacation, and you can’t find things where you have placed them. There are tonnes of storage issues that we all have to deal with; there is a lack of space even to store things in, storage furniture and fixtures cost nothing. All of these are legitimate concerns, and there are ways around them. 

The human brain slowly to solve complex problems. In doing so, we often forget simple ways to deal with complex issues. In this article, we will examine a few simple hacks that can help you squash your storage goals. 

You are most likely thinking of spending heavily on solving the problem. These storage hacks are so simple that you have probably never thought about them before. 

Keep your heeled shoes organized with a rod 

If you have a small alcove where a rod can fit tightly into, you can easily store your heeled shoes in there. This hack will save you the cash you should otherwise have spent on purchasing a shoe cabinet. With this form of storage, your heels will be aerated and ready to wear anytime.

Buy a pack of kitchen hooks. 

They make look like a no-brainer, but kitchen hooks can help you save a little on space and stay hygienic at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you are hooking pan covers or the pans themselves, you could even spread your kitchen towel right across the hook to dry.

Store tissue paper using retractable pressure rope

Tissue papers can prove to be a menace in themselves; ubiquitous and versatile, their storage, however, can be a problem. Not anymore, though, you can just easily store bunches of tissue papers using two pressure ropes to hold them in place to a wall or any other solid structure. Genius idea!

Invest in collapsible cabinetry 

A lot of times, it feels like corner spaces are a deliberate waste of time, not anymore. Collapsible cabinetry can help you utilize your corner spaces to the fullest. With its bendable nature, you can get to store more stuff in that corner cabinet without having to bother about the area you are not using.

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