Outdoor décor for the Christmas season

The Christmas season is a season of love, of giving and happiness. The interior of your house is usually decked up and decorated, how about the outside? Do you leave that out? If you are looking at working up your curb appeal, you shouldn’t leave out the exterior of your house when thinking of Christmas décor.

The exterior of your house should be as sparkling and decked up as the inside. Your aim is to allow the fun fare of Christmas to flow out of the interior of the house into the exterior. The exterior is decorated to give the feel of the season; not everyone will have access to the inside of your house, but they can get into the flow of the holiday period while passing by your house.

Here are a few outdoor décor inspirations that can help you get your Christmas outdoor décor going:

Sign piece with Santa cap

If you have a sign piece outside of your house for motivation, you can spice it up with a Santa cap. It doesn’t have to be a significant piece anyways; it could be a wreath with a welcome sign in the middle, complete with a Santa cap. It can also include fake snow and bells.

Ornaments in your garden lights

Ornaments are not just for your trees and Christmas trees within the house, they could come into the outdoor space too. You could give your garden lights some ornamental makeovers as well. It is best you use plastic ornament to avoid breakage. A few birch branches and some grapevine balls, that should do the job.

Light up the boxes

Turn the cheap box frame into a décor option for your front lawn, you don’t have to do so much too. A few ribbons and lights and you are ready to light up the entire courtyard with the power of the Christmas light. The ribbon will box it up with the feel of Christmas.

Bring those Christmas trees out

Christmas trees are not just meant for the interior; you can bring them out and allow them to do the magic for you. Complete the setup with birch branches, garlands and grapevine balls. Put in the Christmas lights, ribbons and you are good to go with the décor is complete.

Get your lawn shimmering, it’s Christmas!


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