IKEA Furniture Hacks You Have Not Thought Of

IKEA furniture didn’t just get to spread all over the world based on guesswork; the company produces the best entry-level furniture. This might not be enough for a lot of people, though. Another trait that comes with IKEA furniture is the flexibility and adaptability it possesses. With a few handyman tools, hours to spare and the will to keep at it, you can transform an IKEA furniture into just about any other furniture you need. 

This is premium Do it yourself hack that will cost you only as little as possible while spinning a new life into your IKEA furniture. Here, we present to you the most remarkable IKEA furniture hacks that we found. This should inspire you to get down and started with that furniture you have wasting away. 

Some of these hacks are no-brainers; it is just as simple as it comes. Delve in:  

TV unit into a hallway bench 

TV units are easy to come by, a simple piece of furniture you want to put your cable and TV on. With a little switch, you can convert the TV unit into a hallway bench or an entryway bench. You get to store shoes where the cable would have been too. Talk about hacking storage and convivence in one swoop. 

Open-sided cabinet to kitchen island 

Why would anyone purchase an open-sided cabinet? Your answer might be different if you know that you can make a kitchen island out of it. It is easy to see why the open-sided cabinet is one of the most flexible IKEA furniture; it is flexible and allows you to add whatever you want to it. 

Corner Desk to Complete Home office array 

The IKEA children’s corner desk is most likely the first furniture that comes to mind when thinking of things to buy for your child’s study. You won’t give a thought to it if you were setting up a home office, however, with a few tilt and turns, you could use two corner desks coupled with elongated corner table-tops to set up your home office table and storage options. 

Supplies deck from the roll-on box 

The roll-on box from IKEA is another very highly hackable furniture. You can make a supply deck from the simple, plaid design of the box. Segment the inside with varnished wood, cover the top with a wooden finish and paint the body to the color semblance. Your library or laundry room will be grateful. 



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