Small Kitchen Storage Hacks That Will Work Wonders

You have just moved into a new apartment, and you have noticed that the kitchen is lower than what you are used to. You are probably about to throw a tantrum and curse your ill-luck for not doing a thorough check on the kitchen before putting the signature on the line. 

There are a few kitchen storage hacks that can help you make the most out of your space and not mix up your stuff. These hacks will ensure that you customize your area to be uniquely yours. It is enough pain to cook in a kitchen that doesn’t have enough space; you shouldn’t compound that pain by not knowing where what you need is. 

These ingenious but do it yourself hacks will help you to make the most of your space: 

Turn your plate rack into a quick cabinet drawer 

If you want all the area on the kitchen countertop to yourself, one of the hacks you will be interested in is turning your plate rack into a cabinet drawer. You will be saving valuable space; the countertop will be free; your plates will be open right in the cabinet. You want to make sure they are not damp before stowing them away, though. 

Invest in hooks for your pans 

If the space is tight, you might not get the luxury of storing your container the way you would love. You definitely can invest in pan hooks to hang up your pots in a very convenient way. You only have to look for a space that gives you a good wall position, and you can nail up the hook line. 

A cutting board with a hole right in it 

Maximize your space with this fancy do it yourself board with a hole drilled in. The trash can is placed right under the hole, and you can dispose of it without stress. It makes your meal preparation stress free and cut the time spent by a few minutes since you can toss the peelings into the hole and straight into the trash can. Easy Peasy!

Get creative 

Do you think any space is a waste? Come off it. Even the smallest space can be handy. That space under the sink could use a small drawer or a collapsible one. You can fix it yourself, or if it’s technical, you can talk to your interior decorator.



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