Functional Laundry Decor Meets Storage

Décor and storage ideas will usually not mix well together; however, if you have a petite laundry and you are looking at using all the space you can get, you have to find a way to make it work. If you have a wash that isn’t big on area, you have to squeeze everything into the area and still achieve the best. 

Storage is crucial if you must store away all the clothes you launder, décor is essential if you want to stay motivated and do laundry for a long stretch. Since both are important ways, you must look out for novel ways to blend the two entities. In all of your small spaces challenges, don’t forget to incorporate décor into your laundry space. 

We thought it would be awesome to motivate you with a few of the laundry décor and storage ideas that we have got: 

Be nostalgic but practical

Décor usually requires nostalgia. However, you must remember to be functional as well. Prioritize storage over décor, and you will have a delicate balance to it; think of shelf housing supplies decked on the top with a framed art on top and potted plants to the side on the base part of the shelf. 

Wall-mounted supplies holder 

A wall-mounted supply holder is convenient and is usually a necessity in the laundry. To add a feel of art or décor, you could decide to have your supplies in different colors and arrange them in ways that give you the much-needed vibe. You are saving on space and inspiring yourself at the same time. 

Stencil on the towel holder rack 

Anyone can pull this off; stencil whatever you want over the towel holder rack, and you have got yourself a décor piece. You can even decide to paste a picture up there. With the towel holder rack, you have solved a relevant problem of storage as well. Practical fun and solving problems while at it. 


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