Easy Wine Storage Rack Anyone Can Make

Winemakers are usually keen and cautious about how they store their wine. It is a necessary precaution; a quality wine must be well stored and allowed to age to the longest time possible. The adage ‘the older, the better’ rings real for wines, and this is why they must be carefully stored. You most likely don’t want to go making the casks for storing wine for a long time all by yourself, it might end up in a disaster. 

If what you are looking at, however, is a wine rack that can hold a few wine bottles until you are ready to drink it, then welcome to the party. The wine rack ideas that will be shared here are so simple, anyone can make them, and this is only the truth. You definitely can make one of these beauties and keep your wine in it: 

A repurposed shoe shelf

It can’t get simpler than this; an old shoe shelf can quickly become your next wine rack. At worse, you will have to bring out a few handyman tools and beat the shelf in shape; at best, you might varnish the shelf, and you dedicate it to the god of wines and good food. 

Stylish wall-mounted wine holder 

Looking at going a bit antique while you have some old wood and a few metal rods lying around? You could build an elegant wine rack that will hold up to five bottles of wine at a go. Mounted against the wall for stability with the metal rod providing support on the other end, your wine bottle is secured. 

Old Telly box wine rack 

What are old Telly boxes suitable for? Maybe nothing, or maybe you could store a few wine bottles in it. If the telly box has been sitting out for a while, you might have to get down on all fours to get it into shape. In the end, it will be worth it; your wine bottles will be grateful too. 

The central spine wine rack 

The DIY wine rack for the wine connoisseurs, the central spine made of a single log of wood, holds protruding stems either way, and you can easily store up to twenty bottles of wine at a go. Nail this to the wall, and you have a bar at your beck and call. 

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