DIY Makeover Ideas That Repurposed Furniture

The saying goes that if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. In today’s parlance, the saying has been rewritten. Once it is broken, junk it. That saying is borderless; we buy new stuff instead of fixing what we have. The furniture we use are not left out; once it breaks, we are junking it. 

You find a table you don’t like lying somewhere in the house you just purchased, and the first thought that crosses your mind is to break down the table and have the wood burnt. After all, you have all the tables you need, or so you think. We fail to see the table beyond just a table. 

If only you know that the table could be repurposed to a storage closet without even dismantling. The table in itself represents an entity that can be repurposed as you see fit. To that end, here are a few furniture makeovers that entirely repurposed the furniture and will leave you in awe: 

The bed that became a garden lounge chair 

Who would have thought a bed frame that looked otherwise useless could become a piece of valuable furniture? A few staff-hours, household tools, and a couple of DIY videos and the bed frame has been repurposed into a brightly painted and comfortable garden lounge chair complete with backrest and a pillow. 

Mirror holder dresser piece into a bookshelf 

A heavy wood mirror holding dressing doesn’t seem to fit squarely into the modern house that sports a separately built closer. A bookshelf, on the other hand, is a timeless piece of furniture. It is easy to discard the first, but everyone wants to hold on to the second. Instead of buying a new one, you could convert one into the other. 

Cabinet into a beautiful reading bench 

If you have used up the vertical free spaces you have or you are bored to death of cabinets, there is still hope for that cabinet in your storeroom. You could convert the free-standing cabinet into a reading bench, complete with the deck for storing a few books. We all love some comfy reading. 

Drawer cabinet restyled into a free-standing cabinet  

You have the stuff to store, and the drawers will not do justice to it, a lot of people have been at that junction. What you have to do is straightforward; restyle the drawer into a free-standing cabinet. You can drop in a few style inspirations to complete the comeback. 


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