In The Crosshairs Between Renovating A Farmhouse And Recycling

Now and then, new words come into real estate vocabulary. The last decade has seen the addition of the phrase barndomium; that is a farmhouse that has been renovated to current living standards. Farmhouses are enormous, spacious, and that means that you can utilize the spaces quite well. The big deal is renovating actually;, it comes at a cost and if you want to enjoy the farmhouse. 

The idea of renovating to a lot of people is to do away with everything that used to be in the farmhouse. Not only is this form of renovation wasteful, but it is also environmentally unfriendly. There are simple principles that will put you in the crosshairs between restoration and recycling, allowing you to advance both goals at the same time. 

We are delighted to share a few of those principles with you. Renovation isn’t necessarily vengeful, and you can convert some spaces, you can use some others and just switch it up a bit: 

Reclaim wood

You would meet a lot of old furniture, mainly if you purchased the farmhouse with its content. One of the ways to recycle is to reclaim wood, instead of buying a new table altogether, you can change the tabletop and still enjoy the premium quality wood you have recovered. 

Get creative 

What do you do with a farm-fresh carton and a few bottles of ketchup, probably nothing will be the first answer. Those jewels are about to end up in the trash. You then replace it with a flower vase; the flower could have quickly gone into the ketchup bottle, and you can have a ribbon around the farm-fresh carton, allowing it to hold family photos and old CDs. 

The tires are useful too 

A grand old farmhouse might have a store where types from trucks and other machinery are kept. You can find a creative use for these tires. A simple search online will walk through how you can turn tires into comfy backless chairs, and you can soon be lounging on your balcony on a chair made from a tire. 

Repurpose areas 

There are areas you would necessarily not use; your best bet is to repurpose these areas. Convert the wine cellar in the attic to an extra bedroom or storage area. Turn the barn into indoor storage for your garden proceeds. All of these changes are subtle and will save you time and money. 


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