How To Make a Easy DIY Wreath

Wreaths are at their most popular during the Christmas holiday, but then you would be joking if you think that wreaths are only for the holiday season. Wreaths can work at anytime all through the year, and you can make sure that they work for you. With the right foliage and décor, you can upgrade wreaths to the standardized form of bouquet that they are. 

If you like to keep wreaths all round the year, you should be looking at deviating from the usual Christmas design and add some spice to your wreath. We will be looking at how simple hacks can help you make your wreath in your style. If you have plenty of time or just little and you are not easily fazed out by the prospect of having to do things your self, then we have got a perfect company: 

Hula hoops wreath 

Who could have thought of making wreaths from hula hoops? No one, right! Hula hoops wreaths present a very creative way to make your wreath a staple in your home. You don’t even have to cover the entire length with foliage, just a part, and you are good to go. 

Fresh Tulip wreath 

If you have a garden of fresh tulips and you have been thinking of what you can do with all of your tulips, you can make a wreath with it. You can find a circular object as a frame or bend a cane and tie it in place. Deck it in ribbon and fix on your tulips, you have made a wreath! 

Deck out an old wreath 

There is hope for even an old wreath, and you have to know how to go about it. As simple as a bow can be, it can change the entire feel of a wreath. If you are decking it out for the holiday season, you can replace the bow with a dog bone ribbon. 

Spring wreath 

Spring wreaths are a perfect example of the fact that wreaths are not time-bound. Once spring arrives, you can take a harvest of the garden flowers and fix them on your hula hoop. The spring wreath shows the passing of time. Hanging the spring wreath on your door will make a friendly welcome. 

Don’t run out of style with your wreaths; there are so many ways to style your wreath. Don’t be boxed in! 



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