Home Office Decor and DIY Storage Ideas

If you work from home or you freelance, you can tell of how hard it is to motivate oneself to keep working. There are plenty of distractions to deal with already, so you need all the motivation you can get. The fact that your home office differs from the traditional office in that you can close up shop and retire to your bedroom. A thousand things could be crossing your mind at once, and it is so hard to snap out and focus. 

Any room in the house can become your home office, but you need more than a bland-looking place to motivate you to work. As your home office is supposed to be your favorite room in the house, you will need some décor and hacks to put you in the right frame of mind. Here are a few hacks you can utilize to stay productive in your home office: 

Invest in storage 

One of the major obstacles to productivity in your home office is clutter; this is usually the case if you work with analog or physical files. You should invest in storage cabinets and ensure that you declutter as much as possible. With everything in its place, you can be sure to be more productive. 

Let there be light

Electricity is not just not enough, ensure you prioritize the availability of natural light. Your home office space should not lack windows. You should have at least one large window that let in a generous amount of light. This will help your health, alertness, and will allow you to keep things in perspective. 

Think green 

Life is green, and you should always think green. Having a potted plant in your home office space will do you a lot of good. A single plant in your area has been shown to improve the air quality, increase oxygen availability, and help you work longer. That way, you can work even longer.

Go artsy 

It doesn’t even matter if all you do is update spreadsheets and crunch numbers all day, you have to go artsy for your home office. Have sentimental items that will allow you to keep at what you are doing. Vibrant art energizes you and your space, and you can be sure that you will do more when you have the crafts you love around you. 



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