Christmas home décor you can make yourself

Christmas comes with an obsession to spend, from shopping for food and clothes to buying décor and gifts, it is easily the period when impulsive buying is at its highest. All of these spendings takes its toll on the account and if not properly planned can jeopardize a lot of other plans. A lot of shops offer items with claims that you can save a bit by shopping with them. It is all part of the festive glam.

If you are however looking at making it through the holiday period on a budget, your best bet will be to take matters into your own hands. To help you succeed with that, we have whipped up a few Christmas décor you can make by yourself. These décors will only take a little of your time, keeping you busy and helping you to save up as well:

A fancy snowman decked vase

The snowman is a classy recreation of the Christmas experience and beyond Christmas, it is a fanciful and thoughtful décor that can stay all through the year. You can buy the see-through frame at your local craft store and complete the feel with a Santa hat and some fake snow.

Flower garland

Flowers are a nice addition to your Christmas trees when creatively done, these flowers can add new perspectives to Christmas trees. If you have a garden, getting out fresh flowers is as easy as clockwork. If you feel artificial flowers will be better off, you might have to watch one or two clips on origami flowers.

Restyle your wreath

Christmas decors are never complete without wreaths, they can come in as very practical options and can outlive the festive season. You could just add simple words to your wreath and you have a classy décor right at your disposal. Write out a welcome and pin it on the wreath, you could add some other smaller décor to complete it.

Plaid pillows

Plaid pillows are also seasonal essentials, not only do they make comfortable couches, it is a décor form in its own way too. If you have no plaid pillow, you can transform a plain one in a few minutes. Add the reindeer and fuse in the Christmas colours and you are good to go.


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