Amazing Handmade DIY Candles Ideas

In today’s world of constant electricity. Candlelight is not a necessity. There is this way that the things that used to be necessities become luxuries, that is the exact story of the candle. Today, in a world powered by electricity, candles have become sentimental good, used in meditation classes, tantra lovemaking sessions, and dinner dates. Nothing gets more sentimental. 

There are a few more ways to make the candle more sentimental for use. It is beyond putting wax around a wick, and you have a torch. It is about making something that you will enjoy using; this is where making your candle can be fun. There are myriad of candle types you can make all by yourself with a little guidance. 

In this article, we will be touching briefly on some of the candles you can make and how to go about making it: 

Photos on candle 

It might not mean a lot to you, but there is no more significant start to a dinner date than having a candle of your choice with photos transferred on it. While it might look like a lot, a video tutorial can put you on track to get this done yourself. 

Seashell candle 

Love the aqua life, and you are looking at re-enacting it, or you want to feel the serenity of the seaside in your meditation? The seashell candle can help you squash it! Easily made by pouring wax with the wick in place. You can have your seashell candle in no time. 

No wax candle 

You can’t cope with wax, or you are on a very tight schedule, and you still want to make a candle yourself? Vegetable shorting will do the trick for you. Just microwave and cold then freeze it, you are good to go. If you are looking at adding colors, you can melt a few crayons and throw it in before microwaving. 

Funfetti jar candle 

No stress, no need for extreme care; all you have to do is pour as much wax as it can take into a mason jar. Hold the wick in the middle of the pot and pour in the wax, you can toss in color to make it fun. Your jar candle is ready to go! 


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