20 Great DIY Stairs Renovation Ideas

Renovations or makeovers are no easy tasks. It is an art that must be perfectly balanced on principle and necessity. There are times when we don’t want to do away with old stuff, we don’t need them anymore, but we want to hold on a little longer. It is due to nostalgia, and it happens to all of us. 

As stairways are focal points within the house, a lot of eyes are usually on the space, and it is typically subject to scrutiny. When renovating a stairway or making the place over, it is necessary to hinge the activity on principle. Else, one would find it an entire waste of time, and nothing tangible will be achieved. Why exactly are you renovating that stairway? If you can answer that question, then you can carry on with that motivation. 

Here are a few principles to guide your stair makeover or renovation: 


If you are looking to save up on space, renovating your stairs might not come as a logical option, but it really is. The area under the stairs could take a few tailored cabinets and shelves. You could use the storage space to declutter and keep some things safe within reach.


We all like some alcove, space we can call our own. With the help of a fantastic interior decorator or forward-thinking on your own part, you can renovate your stairs and get it converted into a space of comfort just for you. A chair, some throw pillows, and your favorite books can make it to the spot.


If you have an ancient stairway and your house is pretty modern compared to the stairwell, you have a principle to guide your renovation already. Change that antique stairway into something you are comfortable with today. If it’s not that bad, nice paintwork and a few switches will do the job.


This most likely won’t be a full-blown makeover, but the words count too. You could stencil out the terms and fix them before the landing pad of the stairs. Everyone loves to see something that will inspire or motivate them to a better life. You might not know who your stairs will drive.


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